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# 36 steam and d2d ftw
01-12-2010, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by samguss View Post
Has anyone tried the Steam download?

I've read this entire thread and saw no mention of it.

Anyone? Bueller?
I have looked at numberious threads about this worthless client download problem and it looks like the 2 places that people lucked out is those who bought with either steam or direct2drive. Both have thier own independant download links, servers and facilities and the chatter from everyone who bought from them is that they spent no more than 2 hours downloading and are now playing. I pre-ordered from gamestop for an instore pick up and I am going to call them about seeing if I can cancle my order as they dont charge you until you pick up the disk on release day. If you can cancle your orders or are willing to swallow a $60 loss you can repreorder the game ( I prefere D2D as steam is kinda invasive with their copy protection) from one of the two that actually hold up on their promise of giving you access to the open beta.

On a more personal note from me to cyrptic and anyone else involved with developing this will not get another penny from me as a future costomer, you are formally blacklisted by myself and Im guess many others. Have fun sucking jerks