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01-12-2010, 02:53 PM
Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but I have a quick question about keys. No not the metal ones they use to lock you scurvy seadogs away with. The ones with alphanumerics!

Now recently I have bought a second version of STO just so I can get a reasonable download speed and everntually play the game rather than wait for the hard copy (I know thats bad... Shame on me). So this makes me think 'hmm ive got 2 keys but I don't really want the second bought one just the speeds im getting for it'. So this makes me think...

Ive tried giving my second key away and my friend is currently trying to use it (im not breaking any rules here ive basically bought the game for him). But when the game goes live we all get exclusives for these packs we have bought. Are those exclusives part of the main game key or will they be separate keys on their own?

By this I basically mean the exclusive from steam is something im not hugely bothered about having but id much like to have my Borg Officer from Amazon. Now im assuming that upon release the STEAM key will automaticaly implant itself thus using up one key. So would it be possible for me to give my amazon game key (in the box when delivered) to my friend without losing my Borg Officer?

Thanking yow! Q'apla!