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01-12-2010, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by suede
So I bought exactly the same digital download from Steam and Gamestop for the same price.

One for me, one for the wife.

The Steam download is currently racing down the DSL into my PC as fast as I can take it. Scary fast. Before the download, it logged me automatically into a beta page on the site here, automatically entered a beta key and set everything up for me.

Gamestop, meanwhile, still have my order as "pending", don't seem to understand what a beta key is, and haven't offered any sort of way to download the client, let alone a fast way like Steam.

End result? My wife's copy of the game, coming via Gamestop, is currently in limbo. What's happening with it? I don't know. Gamestop doesn't seem to know. Does anyone know? And apparantly this is good customer service.

The difference between the two services is truly chalk and cheese. I don't even understand how Gamestop can stay in business with this level of gross ineptitude going on.

It goes without saying that I will not shop with them again. They are a joke.
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