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Bug#1......In the character creator, something is wrong with the beard. When the charcter turns his head one way, it's black(the color I gave it), then when he turns his head the other way, it goes from black to blond. Maby this is a texture issue?

Bug#2.....Serious stinking lag. I lag in space a lot, and even more on the ground or in stations. I have already made sure it wasn't my PC(which supasses the minimum AND recomended system requirements). I have also ruled out that it's not my internet connection because i never lag on EvE or LOTRO.

Bug#3....Every now and then i get an error message on the top of my screen that says "server not responding".

Bug#4....This may be related to Bug#3, but i do get booted from the server a lot.

Hope this helps ya'all devs Thx for letting us in open beta! WOOT