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I am making this thread for all those people out there that dont have bit torrent and dont know how to use it or what a torrent is ( dont worry, I was once just like you). Since bit torrent is by far the fastest way to download the client, using it is important. So here goes.....

Step 1: go to and click the big green FREE DOWNLOAD button in the get bit torrent box. You will be taken to another page where the download should pop up, if it doesn't, click on the part that states "click here if your download does not start". Chose run or if you want a copy for later save. Follow the instuctions to download.

Step 2: When the download completes run the program and follow the guide to install bit torrent on your computer.

Step 3: Open bit torrent for the first time. Close the automatic tip box if it comes up, there will be plenty of time to read that later. In the upper left next to "file" click "options" and select "preferences". Now the options menu will appear. First select "bandwidth" from the upper left side of the box. Now look for the line that read" Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" and replace the number in that box with 1,000.

Next click "BitTorrent" along the left again. At the top under "Basic BitTorrent Features" make sure there is a check mark in the following boxes: Enable DHT Network, Enable DHT for new torrents, Enable Local Peer Discovery, Enable Peer Exchange.

Step 4: Almost done. The last thing to do is go to and click on "torrent" under Download Via BitTorrent. A window will pop up and you will probly get a window labled "Internet Explorer Security" asking about BitTorrent. Click allow. Now your screen will switch to your bitTorrent program and it will have a box with the star trek online client in it. Click OK at the bottom and off you go! Just wait a few seconds and you will see a connection establish for the download that will show the speed. Kick back and relax, watch some t.v. read a book, ect. When the download finishes in a few hours ( I use the term "Few" loosely) later either right click on the star trek online client file in bitTorrent and select open or go into my computer, users, (whatever user you are), and then downloads, then select the star trek client file.

Well I hope this is helpful to all you guys out there trying to get on the game good luck and have fun