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01-12-2010, 03:54 PM
This has nothing to do with the servers - this has to do with Satellite's fair act policy. Satellite is throttling the bandwidth usage of users and if you want to download STO in a short period of time you need to exceed 500kb/s for a few hours (1mb/s still takes a couple of hours). That will activate Satellite's fair act policy and cause them to throttle or shut down the internet. This has to do with file size.

Also, what snark? What attitude? The Dev gave a straight answer without any of the flowery word ******** that normally accompanies it. He answered directly and gave clear information. There was no snark or attitude.

Finally, this is the first few HOURS of the first DAY of a TWO WEEK "open" beta. Chill out and relax. Betas are intended to stress servers and do all sorts of buggy testing. Betas are not meant to be your time to play the game before everyone else and brag. There will be slow times. There will be bugs. There will be server crashes and kicks. That is why it is called a BETA. Unless you have nothing else better to do than sit around playing a beta of a game - you won't even save your stuff, either, so this is essentially pointless - stop complaining.