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01-12-2010, 04:36 PM
That was not condescending in any way whatsoever. His answer did two things:

1. Informed everyone that there was no DVD version currently available.
2. Informed everyone that there will be a DVD version available for the retail release.

He did not insult, degrade, make fun of, use a sarcastic tone on, or otherwise attempt to insinuate stupidity of the person he was answering.


Cryptic also advertised pre-order benefits like the Collector's Edition set of physical items and guest passes, the multiple pre-order bonuses that happen at retail release (that is a common practice in other games) for different stores, and the head start. The "beta participation" is by far the least useful of all the pre-order bonuses. If you pre-ordered the game specifically to play a buggy, slow version that won't have any effect on your actual playing time whatsoever, you shafted yourself.