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01-12-2010, 04:48 PM
Ive been downloading Sto beta since last night useing the Cryptic supplied downloaded which would have taken me days! So I went to Fileplanet and payed the 7 dollars spent 3 hours downloading from their site only to recive a corrupted file now I am trying AtomicGamer lets hope this new site works, I have been waiting for this game since first announced by Perpetual then when Cryptic said they took over was really excteing becuse I played COH/COV for many years, but now with this download client crap, some websites wanting to charge you for faster speeds and ect... I am ashamed on this day as a huge gamer and star trek fan. I find this to be unprofessional on Cryptics part and should feel ashamed, half the people most likely may not even be able to experience this beta now. if this new download dosnt work i may have to get my 160 dollars back and....sigh...return to WOW.