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The issue I'm having is that the downloader hard locks my machine. Yes, I've already posted this elsewhere, but it fits in more here. Basically any time the download rate goes beyond 110KBs or so, it will appear to freeze. I say appear because when I looked at the last hard lock it was at 6%, it started downloading today and it was already at 8%. I am just wondering if I should perhaps leave it 'frozen' and hope it knows what it's doing.
Yeah, it turns out, it isn't doing anything behind the frozen screen. Since my computer seems to have an issue with any sort of P2P transfer, could Cryptic kindly send me a zipped version of the files, raw download? (Or anyone else could, honestly.) My internet connection can more than handle 7.8GB coming down the lines. The thing it can't handle is being connected to a completely unresponsive computer. (eg. Mine while attempting to use Cryptic's downloader)

I'll be trying Fileplanet's next, since apparently they uploaded a free version while I was still trying to get past the 'you must subscribe' screen.