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01-12-2010, 05:02 PM
He did not insult, degrade, make fun of, use a sarcastic tone on, or otherwise attempt to insinuate stupidity of the person he was answering.
Sorry, but I disagree. Stating something as mindblowingly obvious as, "You can get the game on DVD when it's released on 2/2" isn't being helpful or answering the original question (which was about the beta client, not the official release), it's being deliberately condescending. Do you really think that the OP wasn't aware that if he purchased the official game on 2/2, he could do so by going into a store and buying it on a DVD? C'mon.

If you pre-ordered the game specifically to play a buggy, slow version that won't have any effect on your actual playing time whatsoever, you shafted yourself.
If all I cared about was leveling up as quickly as possible, then maybe so, but that's not the only thing on my mind. And I notice that you don't actually bother to address the fact that by advertising this beta thing so heavily, Cryptic made their own bed here. Random people preordering this thing at Best Buy or Gamestop or wherever aren't necessarily going to know all of the ins and outs of beta testing, and they're not likely to care much about them, either. All they see are, "Play SFO early!" and putting down their money. Cryptic was [i]counting[i] on that- why else would they bother advertising the open beta as a "perk" of preordering in the first place? It wasn't as if this was listed as just some incidental thing; there were posters all over Best Buy as early as November advertising the open beta. Given that, I'd think that Cryptic could have seen this surge of interest coming (and really, don't they get statistics about the number of preorders?) and acted accordingly, but it's pretty clear from most of the posts on this forum that they didn't.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that we're not going to agree on this, so there's probably not much point in continuing this back and forth. You think that Cryptic are doing a bang-up job, and I disagree. It is what it is.