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01-12-2010, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Sargun View Post
Finally, this is the first few HOURS of the first DAY of a TWO WEEK "open" beta. Chill out and relax. Betas are intended to stress servers and do all sorts of buggy testing. Betas are not meant to be your time to play the game before everyone else and brag. There will be slow times. There will be bugs. There will be server crashes and kicks. That is why it is called a BETA. Unless you have nothing else better to do than sit around playing a beta of a game - you won't even save your stuff, either, so this is essentially pointless - stop complaining.
You obviously fail to realize that other people are complaining because the open beta was a HUGE part of the preorder promotion. What better way to get acquainted with the game than playing it before it comes out? We understand there will be errors and bugs and slow times, as well as times that we will be unable to connect, but the fact that it takes days to download the actual beta client, and at that speed, is simply unacceptable. Just from the first day of download catastrophe, how many people have probably thrown their hands up and said f*** it?

You can't even use the Head Start because it requires the beta client. And by the time some people download the client successfully, it will be time to pick up their copy at the retail store anyway. FaustianSlip is right in posting everything that has been stated because it reflects poorly on Cryptic. Any grade school kid could see that if you promote something heavily, you should logically expect more of a turnout, so logically you should make it easier to dowload the client.

Sargun is right that the dev guy did state information - that is obvious and not helpful at all. They probably realized there was a hemmorage of dissatisfied people on the forums and delegated the low guy on the totem pole to stem the tide.

The fact is that they can't solve it now, it's too late. They failed to take basic steps BEFORE beta, to ensure that this didn't happen. Not only are people frustrated about this, but it brings doubt about the final product.

Bottom line - Cryptic is retarded for not expecting a huge demand for a Star Trek IP MMO to finally launch, let alone promote the heck out of it before hand, while not having sufficient means to download the client.