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I too downoladed the file from File Planet (I cant recall the name but it appears to be the only current choice aside from bit torrent and the uber slow STO downloader) I stareted yesterday evening and was all excited that about 24 hours later the download was finished! Unlike a lot of the other people I seem to have 4 files in the folder, including a setup program.

The file folder is named Star_Trek_OB_ST_0_20100108a.dlmpartial which sounded a bit odd, though file planet tells me the DL is complete. I have 7.7gb of hard drive filled up with it.

The files inside that forlder are

The file appears to be an uncompressed folder. The setup opens a small old school dialogue box, displays no information at all inside itself and then closes less than a second later.

I installed new graphics drivers for my nvidia card, 195.62_desktop_winxp_32bit_english_whql though I have not installed new sound drivers. I am on XP Pro and my system more than mets the basics, hwoever I would think that problem would come after the install of the software. I see some other threads about file plannet coughing up only some of the files.

Does anyone know how many files hsould be in this filder when it is complete? I still ahve about 50gb free so I got the space to try a second copy.

I am probably going to try to download the thing again, but any help would be appreciated.