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wow i never thought this question would get so much attention. I don't appriciate being talked down to like the cryptic person kinda did I took offense by that i'm not stupid and i did buy the blasted game but i did buy it for 2 reasons the game itself and to play it early. It's not my fault cryptic dropped the ball by over estimating the public love for star trek. In fact i'm a senior member to Everquest to and have been there since launch and have never been talked to like that from SONY. I'm wondering if i should cancel my copy till i get an appology since it is my hard earned money i am giving them. Yes my internet sucks but i have don't everything everone has told me. Go to a place with better internet. Did that and the download is still at 0. It's not the other places ISP I know we checked. Plus my computer is at a computer repair shop using their business cable internet which they get almost 300.00 kbps download speed. I'm not at all impressed at attitude or service let alone customer service. Most Cryptic people have been nice about my questions. I just think the one that talked bad towards this post needs a nap or doesn't feel good and needs to go home and rest. the stress is too much for them at the moment. The way I look at this is it may be a free look into the game early but I have paid for services not rendering and i would like some respect since it's not my fault. And I'm not taking the phrase it's only money lightly. so when cryptic wants to take things differently great i'll be waiting.