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01-12-2010, 05:54 PM
It appears that File Planet does wipe it's .zip files once it uncompresses them as I can not find this file anyplace. I am going to start the download again. Perhaps the next version will work. Oh yeah the wait time to start the DL today is about 6x what it was when I started yesterday.

Frankly when I went to the store to pick up the code, I was expecting there to be a DVD with at least a patchable version of the client on it, I was rather surprised by this. None of these online providers seems to be up to the huge task of distributing files on this scale. Still it will be interesting to try this game out. I was expecting more of a server stress test similar to the final ones back in 2003 for City of Heroes, but this appears to be a much more traditional beta test where many errors are being worked out.

Also I checked on the bit torrent file list and it appears I do have all the files, Perhpas one or more of them are corrupted in some way. Strange that the setup program reveales no information at all though.