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01-12-2010, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by Pinworm
Don't worry, the game is good and all of this unpleasantness is related to the beta (though expect it to last a few days after release, too, though perhaps not as intense).
Oh, I would have been (pleasantly) shocked if these issues weren't still ongoing immediately after the release. Meh. That said, I think Cryptic was stupid for not planning for this, given the advertising blitz they've done at places like Best Buy and GameStop. But it's nice to hear that the game itself is good.

And fileplanet is not related to Cryptic, it's just a site they chose to link to as it's easy to upload stuff.
Yeah, I did know that- FilePlanet's issues are one thing I won't blame on Cryptic (except maybe the decision to release the beta through them instead of someone else), but I only went there when neither the torrent nor the direct download were yielding any results at all. The torrent had hardly any seeders when I tried it yesterday, and even when it started showing seeders, it was moving really slowly. It may have had something to do with my port forwarding, but seriously, there's only so much work I'm willing to do in order to download this thing. FP, sad as it is, seemed like it was going to be the path of least resistance.