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01-12-2010, 07:04 PM
I see the Cryptic Fanboi's are out in force. These are also probably the only people who still play thier other products. Seriously someone convinced their team that not that many Star Trek fans play mmo's. Im kinda glad to see that they were soooooo wrong. I have even talked to some casual star trek fans who are in beta right now, simply because its Star Trek.

So far tho, Beta has been a epic fail for today. And I agree with the idea that not much more is being added, just debugged at this point. Everyone who keeps saying differently needs to go grab a calander. You cant add so much major content with the little amount of time thats left considering that this is all the content there is after YEARS of development. Your unrealistically expecting alot of major content is being blocked from us in both closed and open beta. Thats just not the case. I sincerely hope im wrong, but all evidence points to the contrary. They cant even make a complete Klingon side in the little amount of time they have left, and they had years to actually COMPLETE the klingons and choose not to.

But my opinions are usually scoffed because I am one of those Star Trek nerds. Carry on defending them. Someone needs to at this point.