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01-12-2010, 06:08 PM
I'm sorry I find this super funny. Like very very funny. I'm sorry that you guys have bad internet-but how is that Cryptics fault? I've been playing Betas since Everquest, this is pretty smooth. Sure the file is big and its a pain-sure a dvd would be nice, but if you would have asked and paypal(ed) me money for a DVD I would have happily copied my zipped file for you to enjoy-and I'm sure there are many here that would. I understand some people have net that takes a long time to dowload or can't download because of bandwith issues-this is why you have friends or family that DONT have this issue just download the zip FOR you and burn over. If you have no family or friends that can do that-then you just have to wait. Not missing much anyway, we play for 20mins get D/C'd then have to come back in.

If you don't like that Cyrpic "lied" to you about being able to play beta (which they didn't they can't control your computer or download speed), cancel your pre-order and wait for it. Feb 2nd isn't that far away.

Edit: There is more than one place to DL it. Dont like the Downloader? Use Torrent. Dont like Torrent? Use Filefront. I was dl at 700kb/s from Filefront when I broke down and paid 5bucks for the membership. I was DL at over 100kb/s with the torrent.