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01-12-2010, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by FaustianSlip
And really, no one's making you rush around the forums clarifying what an open beta's all about. You don't need to act so put-upon or talk to us like we're all morons.
That wasn't my intention. I don't consider people who don't know the real purpose morons or anything.. It's pretty easy to miss. Especially these days where every website puts "beta" on it somewhere because it's trendy, and demos are nolonger called Demos but Betas, particularly on consoles such as with Halo 3 and Modern Warfare. It's a pretty easy mistake to make. In fact, I'd say the real mistake is at the hands of the actual companies, who continue to use the term which, while accurate, kind of says something else to the average person who is more interested in trying the game than being a ragdoll used to slam servers.

Regardless, I didn't intend to come off as a *****, but rather just explaining the process.

And while I agree in theory that the beta shouldn't be advertised like a demo as it is, it's also worth keeping in mind that if they said "pre-order now and get access to a client that will continually lead you on thinking you'll get to play, but never actually get too!", there might be significantly less people slamming the servers and thus having a worse launch on release day.. It's kind of a double edged sword I guess ><