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01-12-2010, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by FaustianSlip
The fact that I'm having way more trouble downloading the beta client than I have downloading anything else indicates to me that it's probably not my internet connection that's the problem. I can't speak for the OP, though in some countries, download caps are increasingly common, and to me, it makes sense to consider that if you're a company trying to market a game internationally. But that's just me.

But yes, Cryptic is as pure and blameless as the baby Jesus, and all of the issues people are having are a mass hallucination. Carry on.
Download the Torrent, or Download the file from Filefront. Problem solved.
Remember people who dont even have a key are downloading the file just to have it.

Never said Cryptic was blameless-I just siad the fact that some people have caps on internet speed or usage isn't Cryptics fault.

Also wait for it.... here it comes..... This is a...... BETA!!!! :-p
Every MMO I've played in the Beta Stage (WoW, STO, EQ1/2, COH) Has had issues in beta stage, I'm actually suprised I've gotten to play at all today.