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01-12-2010, 06:22 PM
I think the best thing to do would have been to post ads on places like Kotaku that draw a lot of gamers who are familiar with the beta process and would be interested in trying out the game. Heck, advertise on Trek sites, too, just make it clear about what to expect and why. Hand out beta keys to anyone who asks, and you've got people playing (or trying to play and getting kicked- whatever).

Tying it to the preorder the way they did was a terrible idea and (I think) the source of most of this ire. How many people who don't know about betas have tried to download the client or, having downloaded the client, got kicked a load of times and got fed up enough to walk and cancel their preorder? I'll bet at least some, based on some of the posts I've read here, and the thing is that this was mostly avoidable. It's not really fair to deliberately target people who don't know what an open beta is, lure them in to test the game for you, then get upset with them for not understanding why it "doesn't work" and expecting to get a game demo rather than a work in progress. I'm seeing a lot of that going on on this forum, not just from other players, but from the occasional Cryptic rep, too, and that's where I find myself thinking, "You know, your company advertised the hell out of this thing like it was a demo. You don't get to get upset when a bunch of neophytes show up and get miffed because things aren't working as advertised [pr as they understood them to be advertised]."

Like you, I don't know what the solution to that is, but I think that offering free keys for the asking on gaming websites, rather than taking this, "Come play STO early! Preorder!" approach would have been way less painful for everyone involved. I know I didn't come in here expecting a perfect playing experience precisely because it's a beta, but I did think I'd actually be able to download the beta client before I was eligible for social security. That was clearly a pipe dream.