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01-12-2010, 07:23 PM
Ok as far as a bit torrent download taking over for another download, Im assuming that you are refering to the FilePlanet downloader. In anycase the answer is no. The download that you already have going is a seperate application running. These applications take little bits of data the make up the STO client and download them peice by peice and then put them back together in order to make the whole programm. So its like the bittorrent download is apples and the FilePlanet download data is oranges. If you try to combine them they wouldnt fill the order for either apples or oranges, you need a full batch of one or the other. But the difference is that there are laborors picking oranges and robots picking apples. The robots pick the fruit much much quicker and therefor even though you may have started with the fileplanet download first, it is very likely that the bittorrent will still start now and finish before the fileplanet download.

As far as seeding, this gets down to the basics of how bit torrent works. The programm breaks the file to be downloaded AKA the torrent down into a TON of little peices. As you are downloading the torrent you are recieving those peices from other people just like you (and sometimes like in this case a company, probly cryptic here, sets up a server to do the same as a starting point and constant seeder) that already have those peices downloaded on their computer. Now there are two types doing this, Peers and Seeders. Peers are people like you trying to download the file in question and have parts of it on their computer, but not all of it. But they can still help you and others because they might have more, or parts that you dont already have and send them to you and others. You too are in turn a Peer, helping others by sharing what you have while you download. The Seeders are the people that have the entire torrent or program and are just sharing all the peices needed to all the downloaders out there. So obviously more Peers helps increase the download speed, but the big ones are the Seeders. The more of those that are out there the faster the download rate because they give a much bigger boost as they have much more of the program to share. Once a Peer such as yourself finishes the download and has the complete torrent(program....file, ect) they then become a Seeder. Here is where selfishness of human nature comes into play. Running the bit torrent program takes up resorces on your computer and Seeding uploads data and cuts into your internet speed slightly. And since you have already downloaded the program and want to play it (and in this case it being an MMO that requires computer resorces and internet speed) alot of people tend to shut off their bit torrent, or limit their up load amount. These people are called leachers and can be identified and in many cases kicked off of bit torrent or banned from sites that carry torrents for not seeding. SO in short, the more peers, the better the speed....the more seeders the way more better the speed. And once you have completed your download of the torrent please help the other people out there that want to play by keeping your bit torrent open and your torrent uploading and seeding for a minumum of 24 hours before shutting it down. That way you are doing your part to spread the love just as someone else did when you were downloading and they were seeding.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask