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12-07-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by phoenixgodwin View Post
I have a big bad-ass mac flat-screen "tank" that isn't terribly old and still has a ton of free space. I was playing STO all day yesterday and having a grand time. Today however, I keep having server connection failures, game crashes, launch failures, and once so far (I'm going to try again) the game crashed so hard it turned my whole computer off.

I ain't even mad; it's a beta and all. But what can be done? Can I do something to improve the performance? Are the Cryptic servers actually having issues today?
I wanted to add a bit more details as to where I'm seeing these problems today.

Though not restricted to this (see above), I'm told I lose connection to the server nearly every time I switch areas (going to/from sector space, beaming, docking). Talking to people causes the whole game to stutter, and I feel like I can see it struggling to not die as the screen briefly flashes black and then gets back to it. Again though: this is all new. Yesterday the game ran pretty much perfectly.

Please help!