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# 11 Yep same problems!
01-12-2010, 06:41 PM
Keep getting map is full msg.. Then booted to log in, over and over once in a while it will let me in, But just when you think all is working, BAM! server disconnects..

I hope, when this is out of Beta, Their going to have lots of BIG servers supporting this, And ones that can handle all of the users. IF not the game will unplayable.. and not worth buying..

They need T1-T3 lines and gigabit, for hosting, I do get some lag.. And I am running 1000 gigabit, Cat 6 cableing and even a modem with the new DOCS 3.0. At 20mbps soon to be 50mbps all other game I play are bilistering fast. I know they are in Beta on this, But somthing tells me they did not expect such a turn out!

I think they,, and there equipment is overwhelemedddddddddddddd! (Grin)!