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Originally Posted by GoThic_TrEkkiE
Yeah. When you boot up the game, due to the map full bug it takes forever and sometimes you still get booted. But until that's fixed, what you can do is just keep trying. When it gets to the part where it's taking forever to login, just press "Ctrl and Esc" in order to minimize the game. Then you just listen to some music or something and check back in a few minutes until it finishes loging in. If you get booted again, just repeat the procces until you're in the server.

It's a pain in the but but that's how i'm doing it for the moment. The good news is that the "map is full" bug is going to be fixed in the next patch, according to what i read from a Dev posting in another related thread.

...Hope that helps.
They better fix the map is full rightaway, Or there is going to be a lot of people who just lose interest in the game from the start beta or not.. Oh.. and the server disconnects to, people won't waste there time spending most of the night trying to get back in to the server, after several tries.. I hate to to be a downer, but the kind of gamer who is going to play this game is going to expect HIGH Standards, even with a BETA release, Yes Yes, the beta is for working out the bugs,, we all know that, but it was on closed beta before the open one, and bugs like map is full bug, and many server crashes, boots, etc, should have be fixed on the closed beta.. Anyway from what little I have played, it seems like it will be fun.. But only if they fix it fast.. As it stands right now were only a little over two weeks from the retail release, If it not fixed by then, I don't think I will buy a copy until I know it has.. Just my 2 cents....