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# 20 YAY! PWE Support! j/k
12-07-2013, 03:40 PM
I find a rather major problem (for myself) and navigate to these very forums for help. After scanning around, no dice, so I click the amazing "Support" button up there, and end up at PWE support. Okay, I'll give it a shot. Submit a trouble ticket with all I have tried, as many specific details as I can muster, and send it off. Months later, I get a response (I don't count the 'These actions might help' message I got). The extremely helpful people at PWE Support suggested I wait. Really? Wait? Brilliant. I must have forgotten to log in at different times on different days to ensure that it wasn't a traffic issue. Their 'reply' managed to tell me to basicaly try everything I had already done again. As expected, I still can't play STO.

If their intent is to completely destroy STO in order to promote PW, then they should just shut down the servers already. Then all the actual talent at Cryptic could move on with their lives, and stop wasting their expertise on new lockbox names.