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12-08-2013, 12:18 AM
The Voth Bastion Flight Deck Cruiser layout sucks.

The Lt. Commander Science slot should really be a universal, engineering or tactical.

In terms of console layout it also has 1 more tactical console than the Marauder or Corsairs which lends itself to more of a DPS role but yet it has a Lt. Commander Science station.

On to the turning rate, shall we? The turning on the Bastion is a horrible 6. The Marauder Patrol Cruiser which is a Flight Deck Cruiser has a turning of 7, the Fleet Corsair and the Corsair Retrofit has a turning of 8, so why not bump the Voth Bastion up to 7 or 8 or better yet give it Communication: Strategic Maneuvering.

Hangers... will we see frigate hangers as well like the Recluse did.

All in all the ship is a let down (in my opinion) considering it is a Lock box ship.

The 2 piece set bonus that you get from the Reactive Shield Amplifier and Aceton Field Generator is very poor. You have to essentially spend roughly 155 mil EC for both ships and use 2 console slots to get a standard cloak.

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