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12-08-2013, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by alexvecci View Post

I haven't got a Bastion myself, but i think it'd perform as good as the Marauder or the (Fleet) Corsair in the hands of someone that DOES know the meaning of Flight Deck cruiser.
So please do enlighten me as to what you think the meaning of a Flight Deck Cruiser is? If it is supposed to be a versatile platform then the Lt. Commander station should be universal. But like I have mentioned in my previous post, this ship has 1 more tactical console over the other Flight Deck Cruisers which seems to lends itself more to a DPS role.

Originally Posted by emacsheadroom View Post
It's too bad you don't know how to act like an adult.
Tit-for-tat buddy.

I'm not the one who came out with the "you must be awful using it" comment.

I gave a few legitimate reasons as to why I think the Voth Bastion is garbage. MY OPINION, but I guess it's too much for people to have opinions in any MMO since trolls like yourself like to come out of the woodwork and reply with some lame comment like you did.

So really, who doesn't know how to act like an adult?

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