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01-12-2010, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by nyg316 View Post
I think your assessment was fair. You listed some good points in the con section.

I think the fact that the game is so close to release adds some validity to your concerns and I share them. But I also think that while the game is in Beta testing, it is to early to fairly judge. Re-evaluate during launch. But making your points known is a good start for the devs to track where the game is lacking.

For me, it is the terrible connection issues. It takes 4-8 minutes for me to log in to the game...add a few more to load on to a map. Then the d/c's are annoying. The stability issues here were always my chief concern. They have to get that nailed down before launch.

Otherwise, so far I am enjoying the game. I have completed a few episodes and did my first fleet map at Starbase 24. However, once I beamed on to the starbase I got booted - but that was due to the maintenance. Space combat has been fun for me and the skills have been great. Character creation was okay - nothing major, it was simply good for a start. I expect it to be better as time goes on though.

Keep in mind too that we are running around learning as we go with no manual or anything. The tutorial is okay, but there is soooo much it does not seem to cover. And following the chat gives me a headache. To many people and the box, unless I enlarge it, is totally unfriendly to the eyes.
Thank you SO much for the support. I can't believe the hostile reception I've had on here, for nothing more than spending time writing some construcive feedback, in order to be helpful to the developers - ultimately to assist with making the game better.

I don't think people have even read the pros, or understood the intent behind it.

've now experienced what it's like to be well and truly flamed!, and if this is what the STO community will be like, then this is the most offputting thing about the game to me now.