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01-12-2010, 08:46 PM
Originally Posted by shelburt View Post
Oh dear. You seem to be taking my comments very personally. As per my earlier post:
I'm aware it's Beta. Unfortunately, it is you who seem to be forgetting something. The whole point of Beta, to allow users to TEST the application, and provide CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to ASSIST with the development of the game. I've spent over an hour making notes, and providing the devs in order to provide the devs with some useful data.

What would happen if NO ONE wrote any comments and feedback? The game would go live with bugs.

If I didn't care about the game, and wasn't excited about it, I wouldn't be providing the feedback. Also, please note that I provided both pros AND cons.

It really is pointless and unconstructive of people to post 'BUT IT'S BETA!' to every comment or critique people make. YES, it's Beta. YES, I know what a Beta is. What's the point in having a Beta if no one provides feedback?

And I disagree that comparing the game to games 5 years out of the box is unfair. It means that STO has an advantage, in that it's easy to use these games as a template for a winning formula.
No my dear, nothing personal... just stating it as i see it from my side. That is all.