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01-12-2010, 07:49 PM
given the fact its a open beta, there is bound to be issues. the same was said about WoW, however people have bad memories about how buggy WoW was. as far as the animations the animations are a bit more complex in this game, as with WOW character animations though smooth, are far from complex. Once again it goes back to WoW being over 4 years old, even with content patches, WoW is notorious for being buggy after content patches. So it all goes back to giving cryptic time to sort the issues out from the help of the beta testers and see what has to be sorted out and fixed.

So far my only gripe is the huge instancing, and the moderate lag but that can associated with server stressing so that is a common side effect of open betas.

Gameplay is fun, engaging, interesting.

Ground missions allow you up close and personal with other enemies such as klingons, ferengi, orions, and im sure later on, romulans, dominion etc So far Ive liked the Mission stories such as "stranded in space" or saving SS azhura.

Space combat is both simple but equally complex requiring timing on your orientation to other ships, constant checking of your shields and making sure they are kept up, utilizing your engineer and science officers to full tilt. I should know I had to take out 2 maraurder battleships, and almost got my self destroyed had only 7% hull left but managed to pull through and destroy one of them before I was logged off due the server being patched.

there are obvious rough edges, but given the state and quality of the gameplay and what you have to do to win a ship battle, I think this game has alot of potential. I was initially unimpressed and thought I wouldnt buy this game, but I tried the pre order figured id give a go, so far so good, very impressed with the game overall ( other than the instancing but im willing to over look that if things turn good as they are so far).

but in the end its a beta, its meant to have bugs and issues the developers cant find or discover on their own. keep an open mind, do your "job" lol and the game will be better for it.

also remember wow is not the end all be all. its fun, and can be engaging but it also has its faults. To use WoW as the "template" of what a MMO should be makes you sadly mistaken and misinformed individual.