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01-12-2010, 08:56 PM
Actually the concept of space and ground combat in the same game isn't new.

Look up a game called earth and beyond and see the original pilgrim of such vision.


Pros are:

Simple learning curve.
Great graphics for low requirements.
easy navigation and time sync management.
seeing the "dps" of weapons u loot.

Laggy with more than 12 people in a zone.
the interface is bulky and overly bordery too much interface not enough everything else.
skill system is very hazy on how to progress down a tree / or what exactly things do/will work into.
quests are shaddy in their explanations and navigating the newb starbase is all sorts of awkward (more signs and directions plz)

On a personal note:

i don't like the fact officers share a skill point pool and not a single pool per officer (poor starting officer we pick gets shafted he should be the most experienced) More info and tutorial on how to advance your officers / upgrade them / give them new skills / etc... would be very nice.

Seems like they show u how to upgrade ur ship / items / and pilot but htye don't show u much on how to work your skills or officers. I would like more detail of this in the tutorial. the information given by the current NPC's isn't much to go on.