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The only thing really worth mentioning is my Romulan uniform choice. I refuse to use either of the "allied" uniforms, preferring instead to remain true Republic. I've also reversed the colors a bit form the typical uniform schemes you see on NPCs, opting instead for a more traditional grey/silver shirt. However I did go with green pants, as I like the vaguely military feel they give. I'm not 100% on the green lapels, though - might change those to another shade of grey. Vikael, being the captain and having the sash, also gets purple as a TOS throwback. As for her crew, she has all the plot BOffs plus the Lib Borg Reman, entirely because she was my first Romulan. As such, I wanted to get the story experience as it was intended by the devs. My two Rom alts have entirely original crews.

And just as a curiosity, I should also explain the single Klingon on an otherwise purely Orion ship. He is an agent with Klingon Intelligence, genetically modified to resist Orion pheromones and placed on the Qarinah to make sure its captain, ostensibly Zizot (male Orion with vet shoulders) but in reality Elthora. I generally run my KDF crews as having no set uniform, mostly because all their uniform options are low-quality garbage so I may as well have fun with them.

My Fed uniforms are just my standard AGT-inspired Odyssey scheme. I divide science and medical into blue and teal respectively but my increasing canon creep is making me consider unifying them again into a darker teal...

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