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01-12-2010, 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by titustetricus View Post
How can you compare a game in Open Beta, to games that have been running for 5+ years? I think that is absurd. I actually didn't notice a lot of the technical issues you're referring to, like animation slowness, or ship maneuverability. I have played EVE for a few years now and it is a much different game, there is a lot more to it than this. If your looking for EVE skinned to look like Star Trek, this is not the game you want at all.

As for the thing about changing graphics options causing black screens. WoW might not cause a black screen all the time, but certainly have changed settings and then had to stare at frozen screen for a few minutes while it figures what to do. It is not uncommon for a game to blank the screen for some time in order to update your settings.

I think everyone needs to relax with the criticisms now, and either help beta test the game, or just sit stew until it launches next month.
It's also absurd to think that the average MMO will have a snowballs chance in hell, when it has to compete with games like WoW, or EvE, when they have a product that is not nearly as polished as those titles. No the game shouldn't be like WoW or EvE, it should be better. And if programmers and designers and engineers actually spent time playing games like that, and then trying to figure out ways to improve upon those systems and taking those systems weaknesses to their avantage, they could leave those MMO's in the dust. Instead... most MMOs always have to learn from their own mistakes.

The problem is that of comparisons. There really isn't much out there to base a honest decent comparison on other than those names simply because they HAVE been around for so long. So.. my point earlier, and still is the same. You have to look at those models, and build a better mousetrap. Especially if you intend to try to even compete with them. If your game has so many issues that it renders it nearly unplayable, then you need to really take a look at the issues you have and think seriously about pushing back your release dates.

Even if you're not competing eye-to-eye with those other games, you at least have to raise your level of production and refined game elements to an acceptible level that can meet the basic expectations of the players that might come from those games. That's the pitfall of creating any MMO today. Is to attempt to at least meet the people's basic expectations. Excuses like "this is beta", everything always starts "clunky", there are always problems. Are not going to cut it as we move further into 21st century, because the client base is fickle, and the market for MMO's keeps expanding exponentially. Either you meet the expectations from the very beginning, or suffer losses before the game gets out of the starting gate.