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01-12-2010, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Zaiya222
My only question is why anyone hasn't invented a better system than this.

I've downloaded everything from Wow, EQ2, Eve Online, Lotro, Wizard 101, ****, Conan... and this is by far the WORST downloading experience I have EVER had. Shame on stupid Cryptic for not planning this better.

Did 23 hours... played for an hour, got booted, got the 10GB patch bug.. have been trying to redownload ALL DAY... what a waste of time.
WoW was about the same when it went open beta (and actually it still uses P2P in some spots of its patching if i remember right), Eve dont care about so dont know LOTRO was ok, Wizard 101 was fine, **** was insane, Conan psh i dont like SOE anyways ^^

You've apparently ever done first day open beta. Downloading is INSANE the first 24 hours and it's a pain. Yes, they did pick some lame places to host it (fileplanet *COUGHS*) but the speeds aren't their fault. I'd like to see you bring up dedicated servers even with gigs of piped BW and handle 7.68 gigs being downloaded by thousands of people on your server

It wont last long ^^ Patience is a virtue.