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01-12-2010, 09:34 PM
I am testing this on 2 machines, my fast work machine and my sloooow single core p4 at home. There is a tremendous world of difference in performance. (obviously) At home, the graphics are horrendous, but the game play is not too terribly bad, except when crowding occurs. Starship combat is not bad, I would like a more responsive helm, but it is acceptable. Runs great at work

I dislike the excessive instancing, it feels too much like Guild Wars. The lag and performance would be far worse if there was less instancing.

It's not a bad game, needs more polish and refinements, but that's what the beta is for.

I think people's expectations are a bit too high, most people are looking at this as a demo, and its not. This is our chance to help improve the game, by providing good feedback.

Good looking game (on a decent PC)
No grind
Variety of other things

Excessive use of instancing (hopefully will get phased out over time)
Frequent disconnects on attempts to leave instanced areas
A few buggy quests so far
Many tweaks that should have been done prior to open beta.

Personally, I would put off release for another month or so for refinements.