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# 1 107th M.A.C.O Fleet Wants You
12-09-2013, 09:59 PM
The 107th M.A.C.O. Fleet is a Romulan/Federation Fleet comprised of many Pro and Semi Pro Gamers. Sponsered by, and the Official Fleet in STO for Team LootingBodies.

We have Officers from all over the world, we are focused on PVP and PVE play, and are all about helping out lower level players by showing them the ins and outs of the game.

We are currently working on Leveling our Fleet Holdings so dont expect to just get free hands outs. Everyone works for there dinner, is expected to contribute, and is expected to have FUN!!!

We do livestream and always are looking for new streamers to join our team over at

Currently we are working through in game voice but will be setting up a Dedicated Voice Server once the clan grows some.

We are not Elitest, and dont Play that way, nor will allow any of our Officers to play that way.

Being sponsered by gives us the opportunity in the future to not only play STO on a Professional Level in Tournaments hosted by them, but many other great games you might play. This Sponsership also gives us the opportunity to help bring revenue into their company via link sharing to put products and merchandise in our hands to give our Officers for compensation on there hard work and determination in Gaming. Basicaly, solving every gamers one wish, to turn a profit while gaming.

Want to know more find us in Fleet Search and hit us up today or leave your comments below and one of our Officers will be with you shortly!!