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# 2 No link in Support
01-13-2010, 12:16 AM
The link in this post leads to standard Support Page which has no way of reporting pre-order problems. So I'll put it here. My WalMart pre-order was paid for and confirmed. It also stated that I would recieve my pro-order OB key somewhere between 1/14/10 and 2/12/10. Further it said my game itself was not available nor would be shipped to the WalMart Superstore I selected when ordering (1 mile from my home), instead they are going to mail it to me somewhere between 2/12/10 and 2/29/10. Are you beginning to see my problem? After I pre-order and pay for the game then I find that what I was supposed to recieve will be too late for use.

Tried to find out from e-mail/phone and in person about this difference between what Cryptic posted (promised) and what is really the fact from WalMart. They know nothing whatsover about the game and only repeat what the confirmation contains that I got after I paid for the game. See above.

I KNOW there is nothing that can be done to WalMart, they are too big for a single customer and too important to Cryptic to get anything from them. However I hope Cryptic will help those of us who mistakenly ordered from WalMart. I found a free OB key from Massively, registered it with my Cryptic account (I play CO) and got in a que for download at 2PM this afternoon (1/12/10), started the download about 8PM (all CST). Still waiting of course and my account shows a beta access - However, it doesn't show ANY pre-order special or notice so I am afraid Headstart is out as well. I may not be mailed the game till sometime late in FEB.

Please help - Thank you