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01-13-2010, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by instantreplay
As many folks have said, both on the CO boards, and the STO closed beta boards.

Is the Nvidia issues being addressed? Asking your customers to use out of date video card drivers does not seem to be a good idea. Is there any kind of fix on the way? II ask because its still an issue on champions and that game has been out for a while now.

How long will nvidia users have to wait before we can use the current set of drivers?

A valid question!
Downgrading to an old driver might be considered a workaround, but is for sure not a valid (long term) solution.
Unfortunately workarounds are considered solutions, becuase no one wants to spend time and money to find a solution.

Does Cryptic make a commitment that this problem will be addressed properly within an appropriate time? A yes or no is sufficent, however, I am afraid that we will not get an answer to that.