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01-13-2010, 02:31 AM
Yeah 'a bit of stuttering' is a complete joke, I have *insane* stuttering here too. The FPS/ground sections are near unplayable.

System is :
win7 64bit

I've tried 195.62, 195.81beta with AA off and shadows low to no effect.
So I caved in and tried 190.62 but again found the same level of stuttering. Turning off AA and low shadows with this driver then removed about 80% of the stuttering.

I can't believe this game is out in less than one month time and it cant even run properly on NVIDIA cards. Seriously if this isn't fixed before launch I'll cancel my pre-order.

Also If downgrading to 160.62 causes any problems with other games I play I'll be going straight back to the newest driver and will give up on the beta. Please fix it and fix it quickly, >50% of your customers will be playing on NVIDIA based cards!