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# 40 have some patience
01-13-2010, 03:27 AM
The only thing i see on this forum is whining, and not like, awsome game good job dev, I must say its anoying the lag on ground levels, well 190.62 is a work around, Live with it for now, i used the new beta drives. When i get home ill try the 190.62, If i can then play the game in awsomeness, i will.

They said they are working on the problem, Its not like fixed in 1 day, and the game is not released yet, so Nvidia is not supporting the game yet, wait till the release of a new driver and then STO will be more supported by Nvidia and Cryptic.

Nvidia is toying with their driver system, and so sometimes new implemented systems screw up games.

So be patience and use the work around to test the game and not go like we cant play at all, you are in the beta to test not to play.