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12-10-2013, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by gardat View Post
Never going to happen. Ever since the game launched someone asks for a flyable borg ship every week or so.
And I do sincerely hope Cryptic will never do so, DESPITE the fact that Borg ships, mostly Cubes and Spheres, would have by far the most potential for BIG revenue amongst all ships that have not yet been added to the game... It would simply be ridiculous... in terms of ship size, in terms of playbility, in terms of -credibility- ...

For quite some time now, that menacing shadow of a possible "Hugh-like liberated Borg faction" has been looming over STO. Realistically, the Borg are the only remaining culture/species that would offer enough meat (especially in terms of iconic and thus desirable, i.e., worth-paying-a-lot-for, ship classes) in order to be implemented as another playable species. The Cardassians lack further ships designs beyond the Galor/Keldon and Hideki (Galor is already playable), and all Dominion ships are already playable, too.

That simply leaves us with the Borg. They are "cool", they have a rich back story (which could easily be tied in as yet another mini-faction ? la Romulan Republic), AND, most importantly they have the iconic ships. Just imagine... sitting next to ESD/Qo'noS, with dozens of gigantic friendly Borg cubes around you... *chuckle*

Sadly I somehow already know that it IS going to happen
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