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All the NPC's that stand around with the audio tracks of them "kissing Q's butt" is annoying. I know you guys are wanting to keep everything fresh, but that is frustratingly annoying. I have to completely mute my sound so I DONT have to hear "Q IS THE GREATEST MAN I WILL EVER KNOW!!!" or "Q IS A GENIUS..... And so hansom." or "EPOHH'S! GET YOUR FREINDLY EPOHH'S!" "DON'T YOU WANT AN EPOHH FRIEND?!?" That gets annoying when you hear all that crap loop every couple of seconds when your standing there doing the pie eating contest or accessing the bank or starting the Winter Epohh projects. Can you guys PLEASE either change the loop time for the tracks or delete them completely???????? If I need to, I can get everyone within my fleet to get on here and agree with me, and a couple of them are lifetime members and monthly paid members. And they ALL agree that they HATE that crap
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