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Originally Posted by draugadan View Post
Apparently somebody didn't read the OP. He does turn off his audio.

And that is the problem. I turn my speakers off it is so annoying. It is an answer, but not a good one. I rather like a game that has some kind of ambient sound. But the constant loop of those particular voice overs is just too much to often.

I have seen quite a few of these threads. Please get the hint. You over did it this time. Please fix this.
EXACTLY!!! That loop is frustrating. I dont have a problem with the background noise of the people cheering and all like that. And the Audio track that comes out when you do the race for the 8x10 pictures of Q is cool. As well as the audio tracks when the snowball fights start. I think that is cool as well. But those NPC's inside that covered area are annoying. They are more annoying then hearing the Mr. Bill impersonator there inside the Gingerbread Colony Invasion
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