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# 1 Some ground (combat) issues
01-13-2010, 09:32 AM
I accepted a ground mission that took place in a system of tunnels. At first tunnels were brightly lit with sometimes a line of shadow presumably indicating where tunnel elements connected. I tried the mission and died. Upon respawning the tunnels were quite a bit darker, the lighting had completely changed. When I ordered my away team to attack an enemy though the lighting returned to the state it was previously in: brightness all around.

Another issue was that two times a large chamber was ahead but was completely black. No textures, no NPC's, nothing, until I was actually walking into the black area at which point the textures and objects loaded, but that was slow going and several parts of people and items popped into existence one by one.

Finally it seems enemies and myself keep firing through rocks, trees and other surfaces (even the ground if an enemy is at the bottom of a slope and out of my line of sight). This breaks ground combat a bit as taking cover is not an option.