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01-13-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Krytenite
First off, over all impressions are good and i hope more content will bring the game to life upon release and in the future.
These are the two things that do seem to occur more than once, i'm sure they would have already been mentioned but here they are.
When a mission has been finished in an instance, I head back to sector space and quite often find myself being thrown back into the instance two or three times before finally being able to leave the system.

The second is the main problem and has resulted in a couple of mishaps. On a couple of missions now, i've warped into a system and recieved the briefing pop up from whoever needs to tell me what's going on. As i'm being attacked and beaten senseless, the messages keep on popping up over and over again, each time they do, my ship speed stops and the ship loses its target, i close the message box, re-target and the moment i move or fire the message pops back up again and repeats the engine shut off and losing the target. Meaning i'm normally on deaths door by the time it stops or destroyed completely, upon respawn the message issue never happens again.
I've put in a bug report on that window as well. It's always dead center on the screen and blocks the majority of what's viewable on the screen. Perhaps a minimize option that would get it out of the way and pause the announcements until we can get the area safe enough to read the message.