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01-13-2010, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
It's not "supporting 3 monitors". It's supporting wide gaming resolutions like 5040x1050 or 3840x1024. It's not a "monitor" issue, it's a gaming resolution issue. Those who've never done multiple monitor gaming with devices like Matrox or using ATI's Eyefinity software won't ever understand at first.

To explain it in terms a regular user would understand...

With the right hardware or software, Windows sees the three monitors as one big display. Games, no matter what they support, see it as one big display. It's not "multiple monitors" to games. It's just large gaming resolution to games.
No its running a wider view of the game. I understand all this. but the only set ups i have seen support this kind of gaming is WoW or simulators for flying.