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01-13-2010, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
In all honesty, a 5800 series card will run STO just fine on the triple monitor config (even at 5040x1050), but at near high settings to still get an average of 50-60 FPS.

To truly get near-max settings, though not completely maxed, one would need a 5970 (ATI's dual GPU 5000 series card) to get smooth gameplay. I can get smooth gameplay on my GTX 295 (NVIDIA's dual GPU 200 series card), but it's at high-settings (no AA, but high everything else except lighting). I get over 60 FPS idle (I have it v-synced to monitor refresh rate), and the FPS may dip down to 50-something in graphically demanding areas.

To truly get max settings with max AA and everything at the triple monitor resolutions, one would need at least dual SLI or Crossfire of the top-end cards like the GTX 295, 5970, or 5870, if not triple cards.
Yeah but if he is asking for permission from the misses than price is probably the real issue. A 5870 costs almost twice that of a 5770.

Trying to help a brother out!!!