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01-13-2010, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by Vampyrehntrd View Post
No its running a wider view of the game. I understand all this. but the only set ups i have seen support this kind of gaming is WoW or simulators for flying.
As others have mentioned, ultra-wide screen gaming resolutions are becoming mainstream now with Eyefinity that is already included for ATI 5000 cards. It will probably be included with NVIDIA cards in the future too so that they can remain competitive.

As for resolutions, there's are tons out there that are common (around 30). Here's an example. Some of these are defined standards and some are not. For example, 1440x900 is a resolution you see on many laptops, but it's not a standard. Even from those list of resolutions, there are many where STO would look bad due to the aspect ratio (17:9 would be stretched too).

So it's not about multiple monitors, it's about being flexible for any gaming resolution. After all, LCD manufacturers could introduce a new resolution tomorrow for even larger monitors. They already have 2560x1600.

And guess what, when you run a game in windowed resolution, you can set it to any resolution you like and the game is supposed to scale and handle its graphics accordingly (within reason of course). After all, the STO client automatically detects a user's aspect ratio. They just don't apply it properly to game elements.

So if all you want to do is argue about something you don't use or have experience with, please do so in a thread other than those in bugs.