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12-14-2013, 05:15 AM
There were 4 ways to acquire intrepid-r, galaxy-r and the defiant-r.

The va ship token for hitting level 51. this va ship token was removed and added to the vet reward system after they removed emblems from the 500 day vet reward.

The Second way to receive this ship token was with the 600 day vet reward. When introduced this ship token was only given to captains who had not received it upon hitting level 50.

The third was was by spending emblems to get this ship. (Emblems discontinued)

The forth was through the c-store.

Since the only option to get an account wide ship was through the c-store, only option 4 could reclaim a ship. Token/emblem ships were per character and never qualified to be reclaimed. In the same fashion as a lock box ship once gone you cannot reclaim and if an error occurs with a va ship token ship you would need to file a ticket to get it repaired.

Emblem/ship token ships also do not qualify for module discount on the fleet version. you can still use that armor on the fleet ship if you choose to acquire it.