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12-14-2013, 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by elkem View Post
DONT you think I know all this? Why do you think I made a topic of it anyway? OFCOURSE I BOUGHT THOSE SHIPS OF THE C-STORE WHEN IT WAS STILL CALLED THE C-STORE !

You are also a lifer and have been here long enough to have claimed the ship with your va ship token or with your 600 day vet reward. The ship token ships are not c-store ships and are not reclaimable.

Most never bought it from the c-store because they got it for free. since you claim to have bought the c-store version does this mean you still have your va ship token?

edit: examples.

I know I baught my defiant-r. I never baught my galaxy-r or my intrepid-r.

I have an intrepid I got for free with me va token. it still shows up in the c-store with a price tag.

On this character, I have a va ship token where I can purchase it even though I have the Defiant retrofit because I purchased it.

On this other character, I have already used my ship token and it is greyed out.

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